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Jason Jiovani running the new layout at CFRC

D1GP 2007 @ Fuji Speedway

call this chopped and screwed

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Sorry to the drag racing guys, but i’m so stoked to see what happens with Drifting at CFRC

Hey Everyone. I just wanted to give you all an update. While drag racing at CFRC has been shut down we will remain open doing Autocross, Drifting, and a few other things we have planned. 

We just spent the last several hours working on something that could end up being something real special, and something that the drifting community in this state, and maybe even the US has never seen. We are going to keep it under wraps for a few days but I think you all will be blown away. This will also change the way we do Autocross. 

I want to thank each and every one of you in the drag racing community that I have had the pleasure to meet over the years and I wish you all the best of luck at what ever race and track you might go to. Remember even though we are not open for drag racing, there is no reason to take it to the street. There are other great facilities in the area to drag racing in a safe environment

Operations Manager
Central Florida Racing Complex


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